Persecution of Christians in Iran: this story once again indicates how deeply threatened many governments that persecute Christians are by converts to Christianity. In their persecution of Christian converts they manifest a deep insecurity about their own beliefs and tacitly admit that they know how God can transform men’s souls. Authoritarian governments in many regions of the world clamp down on converts to Christianity out of a fear that they will lose their control over their people if there are large-scale conversions to Christianity. The result is the persecution and harassment of converts to Christianity in particular.

Please pray that Almighty God would grant to these four Christians and to all the Christians of Iran the indomitable strength and perseverance in the Faith of the Holy Martyrs.

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“Iran judge to Christian converts: ‘Your actions are worthy of death,’” by Male Marvin, Uganda Christian News, February 3, 2021:

Open Doors (USA), an organisaton committed to aiding Persecuted Christians around the globe, is encouraging believers to pray for four (4) Christian converts arrested by the Iranian government and accused of “acting against national security by forming a house Church” in the Muslim-majority country.

Mehdi Akbari, Fatemeh Sharifi and Simin Soheilinia and Mehdi Roohparvar were sentenced to a combined 35 years in prison with Iranian court Judge Mohammad Moghiseh (pictured) telling the converts, ‘your actions are worthy of death’

The Christian converts were also accused of “widespread association with missionary groups, as well as evangelical Christian groups outside the country.”

Judge Moghiseh – who has earned the nickname the “Judge of Death” for his harsh treatment of prisoners of conscience – reportedly spoke “obscenely” to the Christians and would not listen to their defence, only citing the report of the intelligence agent.

…the judge increased their bail to 7 billion tomans ($220,000), reportedly saying: “Who set this low bail amount for you, so you could be free to roam about on the streets?”