The disturbing treatment of Falida Nazziwa illustrates yet again how conversion to Christianity is so often the occasion for persecution of Christians — both of the converts and of those who brought the converts the word of the Gospel. 

Among the Christians of Uganda are around 35,000 Orthodox Christians. 

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“Young Woman in Uganda Killed after Accepting Christ,” Morning Star News, September 29, 2022:

Mother Beaten for Her Faith

In central Uganda’s Bamusuta village, Kiboga District, a Muslim beat and left his wife after learning she had converted to Christianity.

Falida Nazziwa, 42, on Sept. 10 attended an all-night prayer vigil at an undisclosed church in Kiboga town while her husband was away in his work as a truck driver, she said. A secret Christian, Nazziwa expected her husband, Saidi Mudogo, to return late in the day on Sept. 11, but he had returned home when she arrived that morning, she said.

“In the morning as I went back home, I found my husband very furious on the compound, and he asked about where I slept,” Nazziwa told Morning Star News. “I told him the truth that I had gone for an overnight prayer in the church. After hearing the words ‘overnight prayer,’ he just jumped on my neck shouting, ‘Prayers, not in my house,’ and started beating and strangling me while shouting, ‘Allah akbar [God is greater]! Kafir, kafir [infidel]!’”

Two men heard Nazziwa’s cries and rushed over to rescue her, but Mudogo chased her and her two younger children away, and they took refuge at an undisclosed location, she said. The couple has three other older children who were away at the time.

The church pastor, unnamed for security reasons, said Nazziwa has received treatment at a medical clinic in Kiboga. She was taking medication for swelling and had internal injuries causing severe pain, he said….