This story illustrates the insecurity and fear with which many non-Christian governing authorities the world over regard Christianity. They are aware of how our Lord Jesus Christ can transform souls, and they work hard to prevent the message of the Holy Gospel from reaching their people.

The modern nation of Algeria was once a renowned center of Orthodox Christianity. The holy martyr St. Cyprian of Carthage, Blessed Augustine of Hippo, and many other saints hailed from North Africa. But in 647, the first Arab invaders arrived, and the Islamization of the area began. Ultimately, Christianity was entirely wiped out in North Africa.

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“Algerian Authorities Arrest Another Christian as Churches Remain Closed,” International Christian Concern, February 28, 2022:

2/28/2022 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – Last month, Algerian authorities arrested another Christian man after preaching outside of a church and distributing bibles. The man, Mohammed Derrab, remains in detention for anti-conversion charges brought against him.

The arrest occurred in Tizi Ouzou, a province in Algeria that has already seen several church closures, including a new threatened closure from the provincial governor. Due to the closures, Brother Derrab, an elder at the closed Tafat church in Tizi Ouzou, preached outside of his church on January 27 and gave one listener a bible, resulting in his arrest the next day. Authorities searched the elder’s house afterwards and confiscated his collection of bibles.

During the trial, an Algerian judge sentenced Brother Derrab to 18 months in prison. Brother Derrab is currently detained in prison awaiting his next trial date to appeal the judgment next month….

In addition to the church closures, the Algerian government has turned to persecuting individual Christians as well. Algerian authorities have targeted Christian converts like Foudhil Bahloul and threatened prominent leaders of the EPA.

Last year, the U.S. State Department added Algeria to its Special Watch List for countries that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom.” The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has also repeatedly expressed concerns regarding the increasing persecution of Algeria’s Protestant Christian community.