Persecution of Christians in Indonesia: Christians in general are a tiny minority in this massive nation, and they are more threatened now than ever before. Christians face increasing discrimination and persecution, often sanctioned by authorities, and as this article notes, in many cases their churches are targeted.

There is a small and courageous community of Orthodox Christians in Indonesia, numbering around 2500 people.

Please beseech Almighty God that this situation would end in Indonesia, and that Christians would be safe to worship God in their churches in peace.

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International Christian Concern makes it clear that this attack targeted Christians, reporting that “an alleged terrorist attacked the Salvation Army’s service post in central Sulawesi, before burning six houses of church members. Four Christians were murdered, with three being butchered.”

“Indonesia police say suspected militants kill 4 villagers,” by Edna Tarigan, Associated Press, November 28, 2020:

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian police said Saturday that suspected militants killed four people and burned seven houses in a village in Central Sulawesi province.

National Police spokesperson Awi Setiyono said they believe Friday’s assault in Lemban Tongoa village of Sigi District was carried out by the the East Indonesia Mujahideen group.

Setiyono said after questioning five witnesses, police determined there were 10 suspects, three of whom had guns. He said witnesses identified at least three of the suspects as members of East Indonesia Mujahideen.

He said the investigation was ongoing, as was the search for the suspects.

Ahmad Rifai, a Lemban Tongoa village officer, said that one of the buildings burned was a Christian house of worship….