In the mid-twentieth century, there were no Christians at all in Nepal. Now their official number is approaching 400,000, and some Christian leaders in Nepal believe the actual number of Christians in the country is 2.3 million. 

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“Hindu Nationalism Becomes a Growing Threat to Christians in Nepal,” International Christian Concern, April 19, 2024:

4/19/2024 Nepal (International Christian Concern) — Unlike Christians in the neighboring state of India, believers in Nepal have, until recently, been more protected from state-sanctioned discrimination and violence. However, the tide is turning as the persecution that Indian Christians have known for some time slowly bleeds across the border.

Several reports have suggested that proximity to India is not the only reason for this shift. Some evidence suggests that funds have been sent directly from the pro-Hindu nationalists who control India into Nepal, resulting in increased violence toward religious minorities. Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists have seen their sacred buildings, holy ceremonies, and specific individuals targeted by the Hindu majority.

This growing trend toward a more persecuted and discriminatory Nepal could be seen last week as protesters marched on the parliament building in Kathmandu, airing their demands for their country to return to the monarchy and a Hindu state. The march eventually turned violent as protestors clashed with police, resulting in several serious injuries. Since the march, many in the inside and outside of Nepal have expressed concern over the growing Hindu nationalism….