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“Farcical Trial of Christian Businessman Draws Attention in Hong Kong,” International Christian Concern, January 10, 2024:

01/10/2024 Hong Kong (International Christian Concern) — Jimmy Lai, a Christian businessman and pro-democracy activist, continues to face charges in what many are calling a ridiculous, high-profile trial in Hong Kong.

Lai, 76, stowed away from China to Hong Kong as a young man and converted to Christianity in the 1990s. He was charged with conspiracy to commit foreign collusion and conspiring to publish seditious material. Both fell under the 2021 Hong Kong national security law and a colonial-era sedition law. Lai pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Lai’s case is being watched closely as increasing pressure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is being blamed for driving the prosecution. Numerous Lai supporters, including lawyers, pro-democracy activists, business leaders, and several UK politicians are publicly calling for Lai’s immediate release from this farcical trial.

The outcome of this case will show again the growing influence of China into Hong Kong affairs, affecting the rule of law and democracy in Hong Kong.

The CCP does not tolerate freedom of religion, and the government requires Chinese citizens to put the Party before faith….