This raid highlights the impunity of the Chinese government in its efforts to transform Christianity into a tool of the state and is yet another instance in a very long series of the persecution of Christians in China by governing officials. 

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“Nanjing House Church’s Sunday Service Suspended by Police,” by Timothy Lan, China Christian Daily, December 9, 2021:

A house church located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province was raided by the police in a Sunday service, said a member.

An anonymous believer of the church revealed that dozens of policemen entered the venue where his church was holding a Sunday service on November 21. The service had to be suspended and the participants were taken away and interrogated.

The person added that several locations of the church which was founded by a Singaporean pastor encountered the same situation several weeks in a row.

The congregation had to be split into smaller groups who either gathered in a believer’s house or online….