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“China: ‘Christmas Is Forbidden, It’s a Western Celebration,'” by Liang Jianguo, Bitter Winter, December 24, 2021:

…Bitter Winter has received by a confidential source a document from the Department of Education of Rong’an county, which is under the administration of Liuzhou city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Similar documents have been mentioned to us as being issued in different provinces and regions, but we do not have copies of them we can publish.

The Rong’an document asks elementary schools and kindergartens to make sure that pupils and teachers do not celebrate Christmas.

It is a document similar to many others throughout China, as confirmed by the fact that it mentions “directives from upper government” and a “rule from the CCP Central Committee.” The confidential source, connected with the county government, who leaked the document to us, confirmed that students and teachers are not only prohibited from celebrating Christmas at school but also at home. Those who learn about people who celebrate Christmas are asked to report it immediately to Public Security, and an officer has been designated to handle these reports.

Here is the translation of the text:

“Spreading the Chinese traditional culture and forbidding Western festival celebrations

To every elementary school and kindergarten:

The day “Christmas” or “Holy Night,” which is coming, is imbued with deep Western religious culture. Some Western nations rely on their advanced technology and culture to spread their values and lifestyle in China, attracting our young people. Some business enterprises also want to take advantages of this celebration for business, so they create the surrounding feeling and social impact of this Western “feast.” This is damaging our traditional Chinese culture.

According to the directives from upper government, the Department of Education, Rong’an County Government, decided to:

Prohibit teachers and students from organizing any celebration event of this Western festival. We trust all teachers and students in school, especially but not limited to Party members, will follow and obey the rule from the CCP Central Committee, thus becoming a model of spreading Chinese culture.

If anyone finds individuals and organizations doing any event of ‘Christmas’ or ‘Holy Night,’ please contact immediately the County Public Security bureau and comrade Li. Number: 17772028488

Department of Education , Rong’an County Government, December 20, 2021”