Muslims make up 90% of the population of Bangladesh; Hindus comprise 8.5%, Buddhists 0.6%, and Christians only 0.4%.

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“Bangladesh: Christian boy sent home from school amid increasing pressure on converts,” Open Doors, November 2, 2023:

Four-year-old Jahangir’s parents were shocked when their son returned home from school far too early. When they asked him why, Jahangir said his teacher had told him there was no space for him on the class bench.

He was too young to understand what had happened – in fact, he was overjoyed that he’d been given an unexpected day off – but Jahangir’s parents knew exactly why he’d been sent home. The next day, when they confronted his teacher, she said bluntly: “If the boy comes to the school and sits with other Muslim boys, then the Muslim boys might leave the school. They will not want to sit on the same bench with a Christian boy during classes.” She’d asked Jahangir to go home because she knew his parents had converted to Christianity….

In October, a religious fundamentalist posted the personal information of 24 Christians on Facebook with provocative comments to protest their conversions. The post included believers’ names, family information, contact numbers, and baptism dates. 

The social media post read: “I am fortunate to be born in a Muslim family, I am proud to be the follower of the world leader Rasul Kareem, the Holy Quran is my education and knowledge, which is my pride. I will fight if necessary to protect the religion of peace, Islam. But I will not allow […] religious conversion… I demand these Christians’ exemplary punishment. I expect strong protest from every Muslim.” 

Immediately, the post went viral and stirred up anger in local non-Christians; Christians have been in a state of panic since the incident. They fear more persecution and attacks, especially when they go out as part of their daily routine.

Tensions are ongoing, says church pastor
“The news spread very quickly, and since this incident, I am afraid to go out freely,” says Pastor Parvin, a Christian convert. “The other believers have limited their movements outside. Some of the believers have been stopped from going out of their homes by their non-believing family members.”…