The Chinese government has been acting with ever greater impunity against Christians. It is attempting to destroy Christianity and fashion a new religion that is superficially Christian but is actually a pliant tool of the Communist Party. This threatens all the Christians of the country, including the tiny community of Orthodox Christians in China.

China offers yet another instance of the persecution of Christians by governing officials that is unfortunately on the increase not only in China, but in all too many other nations around the world.

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“Shaanxi Opens ‘Sinicization of Christianity Research Center,’” International Christian Concern, October 7, 2021:

10/07/2021 China (International Christian Concern) – On September 28, Shaanxi province’s “Sinicization of Christianity Research Center” held a launching ceremony and celebrated the successful closing of “Chang’an Forum,” a symposium on Sinicization of Christianity at Shaanxi Bible School.

Various government representatives, such as officials in charge of provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs, Ethnic and Religious Affairs’ leader at United Front, and chairman of the two state-sanctioned provincial Protestant organizations (Lianghui) all attended to congratulate the launch.

Pastor Wang Jun who chairs the Shaanxi Lianghui gave a remark, saying that the establishment of such center is a great event that has historical meaning, a major action taken by the Shaanxi Lianghui to promote Sinicization of Christianity.

A researcher from Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences hired to be adviser to the center gave the following suggestions for the Sinicization of Christianity: 1) to insist on the theology of Christianity to mainly focus on people’s spirituality; 2) to learn how to implement Sinification of Christianity from the history; 3) to begin the research from a global perspective; 4) to actively seek current research trend and development; 5) to learn and incorporate Confucianism, and 6) take various approaches to spread the Gospel.

President Xi Jinping first coined the term “Sinicization” in 2015 in the hope that all religions in China will conform to the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)….