Christians, including a tiny minority of around 35,000 Orthodox Christians, make up about 85 percent of Ugandans. Despite their making up the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the nation, however, they still face persecution, such as the kidnapping and attempted forced conversion incident in this story. The Order is grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that these children were found unharmed, and prays for peace and safety for the Orthodox Christians and all Christians of Uganda.

“Children Kidnapped by Islamists in Uganda in 2015 Are Found,” Morning Star News, July 25, 2018:

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Three children kidnapped in 2015 in eastern Uganda were found in May, malnourished and showing signs of having been indoctrinated in Islam, relatives said.

Had the children not escaped, they might have been forced into a foreign terrorist group, their father, Badiru Madengho, told Morning Star News.

“It seems the person who took my children had an intention of Islamizing them as well as wanting them to join a terrorist group,” said Madengho, a convert from Islam. “Thank God for saving my children in a miraculous way. Though the children looked miserable, sickly and confused, now with counseling they will be restored back. The God who saved them is able to restore them back to good, sound mind.”

Two boys – Musitafa Waguti, now 12, and Amuza Gessa, now 10 – along with their now 7-year-old sister, Shakira Nabukwasi, were kidnapped near their home in Kabuna 2 village in Budaka District on Dec. 9, 2015. Their father suspected Islamists kidnapped them after they came for him but found only the children, who were 10, 7 and 5 years old respectively at the time.

The children escaped on May 5….

“Daily we were taught the Koran, and on some occasions we lacked food to eat,” Musitafa said. “After two years, the man who was caring for us told us that he was planning to take us outside Uganda, and this made us fearful, such that after lunch while being all alone we managed to escape from that house without knowing where we were heading to.”…

“It has been quite a long period of time looking for my children – I had given up,” Madengho told Morning Star News. “My faith in God had diminished, but thank God for sustaining my children. I am very grateful to all the Christians who have continually prayed for us and the children.”

At the time of the kidnapping, an area source said a 14-year-old boy, Karami Hassan Kabuna, who was with Madengho’s three children when they were abducted, reported that a group of Muslims from Palissa came looking for Madengho because he was a recent convert from Islam. Unable to find him, he said, they took his children instead….