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“Surviving Trauma: Courageous Escape from a Brutal Axe Attack and Rape Attempt,” British Asian Christian Association, February 2, 2024:

Two Christian women were subjected to a brutal axe attack after one woman resisted a rape attempt.

The rape attempt was made while one woman was relieving herself in a local field because she has no toilet at her home.

When she resisted the assailant attacked the woman with an axe and repeated the violence on her friend who came to her rescue.

The man fled the scene and is yet to be arrested by police despite being known.

No description available.

Two Christian women narrowly escaped a harrowing ordeal when they were subjected to an attempted rape in a remote sugar cane field. The assailant, identified as Muhammad Abdul Rauf, launched a vicious attack on Rukhsana Bibi (38 years old) and her sister-in-law Asifa Bibi (30 years old) on January 27th around 2:30 pm. The sisters had ventured into the field for a moment of privacy when Rauf, the owner of the field, seized the opportunity to assault them.

As Rukhsana Bibi was attending to her needs, Rauf stealthily entered the field and attempted to rape her. Despite her resistance and cries for help, Rauf assaulted her with a sharp axe, inflicting severe wounds. Rukhsana bravely blocked his attacks, sustaining deep cuts to her hand and head. Asifa, alerted by the commotion, rushed to the scene, only to be met with Rauf’s violent aggression. He struck her forcefully with the axe, causing injuries to her arm and shoulder….

Leaving the women bleeding and traumatized, Rauf fled the scene. Rukhsana and Asifa managed to escape the field and sought help from a passerby on a motorbike, who promptly alerted the police. Officers from the Silanwali Police Station arrived promptly and transported the victims to the District Headquarters Hospital Silanwali for urgent medical attention. Rukhsana required nine stitches to close her wound.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the response from the authorities was marred by bias. The police initially hesitated to register an FIR (First Information Report), citing the need for a medico-legal certificate. It was only after significant delay and pressure that the FIR was finally filed on January 31st. However, Rauf remains at large, leveraging his influence to evade justice….

In the aftermath, the victims’ families faced intimidation and coercion from Rauf’s associates, pressuring them to accept a compromise. The Muslim community, largely siding with the perpetrator, has further exacerbated the family’s distress. In this challenging time, the family has found support from our officers who have stood in solidarity with them and will help them to pursue justice….