Persecution of Christians in Indonesia: in this massive Islamic nation, Christians face increasing discrimination and harassment. As this article notes, the churches in Aceh “were destroyed four years ago by Islamic vigilante groups and the police.” The police didn’t stop the mobs, as it should have, but joined in, and then the local authorities prevented the Christians from rebuilding the churches. So Christians have no way to appeal to legal authorities for protection.

There is a small and courageous community of Orthodox Christians in Indonesia, numbering around 2500 people. Please beseech Almighty God that this situation would end in Indonesia, and that Christians would be safe to celebrate their holiest days in peace.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Indonesia, see here.

“Aceh Christians forced to celebrate Christmas in a tent,” BBC, December 23, 2019:

Christians in the Indonesian province of Aceh are preparing to celebrate Christmas in makeshift tents in the jungle.

Their churches were destroyed four years ago by Islamic vigilante groups and the police.

Indonesia – the world’s largest Muslim population – has a pluralist constitution that is meant to protect the rights of followers of all the major faiths.

But Church leaders in Singkil Aceh say the local authorities are stopping them from rebuilding….