For background on Orthodox Christianity in China, see here.

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“Spain: Chinese woman almost deported back to China where she is persecuted for her Christian faith,” International Family News, December 12, 2023:

The 43rd Court of Instruction of Madrid upheld the precautionary measures requested by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers to stop the deportation of a 29-year-old Chinese Christian woman who had requested asylum in Spain, alleging that she is persecuted in her country because of her religion.

The young woman was taken off the plane in which she was to be returned to China, just minutes before takeoff.

She is currently at Barajas airport where she arrived along with eight other Chinese nationals, all Christians, who have already been deported and with whom there is currently no contact.

When she learned that she was going to be returned to her country, she tried to take her own life. The Foundation of Christian Lawyers is providing legal representation for her in Spain….