Syria: Towards an international alliance of governments to support persecuted Christians

November 3, 2019

Persecution of Christians in Syria: just days ago, the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, thanked President Trump for the $50 million in emergency aid that he pledged for Syria, and expressed the hope that “it will be only the beginning of genuine, tangible help for the Christians of Syria and the entire Middle East.” And thank God, now comes news of this international alliance.

We pray that this initiative will also be reciprocated by genuine action from other nations all over the world, to save their persecuted Christian populations. For too long the persecution of Christians has been met with indifference from governments the world over and the international media. We hope this heralds a change in that.

For coverage of the persecution of Christians in Syria, see here.

“SYRIA: Towards an international alliance of governments to support persecuted Christians,” HRWF, November 3, 2019:

HRWF (02.11.2019) – At the end of October, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, organized a conference to which he invited Russia’s President Putin and leaders of various Christian denominations from the Middle East to pave the way to an international alliance of European and other governments ready to prioritize support Christians in the Middle East and Africa persecuted by the Islamic State and other driving forces of political Islam.

A number of European governments – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – are planning to join such an alliance. The Vatican is interested in these developments.

Building up on his political and military success in Syria, Putin is now finding new allies in Europe where he wants to appear as the sole protector of Christians in the Middle East….

Hungary wants to set up an international alliance of governments to support persecuted Christians in especially the Middle East, Africa, and other areas. The announcement came a day before Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Russian President Vladimir Putin were to discuss the issue in Budapest with Middle East church leaders….

Hungary’s state secretary, for the aid of persecuted Christians, Tristan Azbej, is worried. He told Vatican News that Christians are now the most persecuted people in the world.

That’s why, he says, Hungary wants to set up an international alliance to help Christian believers and other faith minorities during an upcoming conference next month. “We have an aim of collecting and mobilizing governments on one platform. That would coordinate its efforts to help the persecuted Christians of the Middle East, Africa, and also other minorities who are persecuted for their religion and belief,” he explained.

Coordination underway

The Hungarian government is already coordinating efforts with the United States and Poland it seeks cooperation with other countries of Central and Eastern Europe such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia…