Covid-19’s worst victims will be the persecuted Christians of Africa

April 12, 2020

Despite the ongoing evidence of the persecution of Christians in Africa, the general indifference worldwide to the persecution of Christians continues, and is a scandal of monstrous proportions. There is still no sustained or concerted effort by government authorities or international human rights organizations to stop this persecution. There is no country in the world today of which it can be said that while Christians were once persecuted there, now they live in safety and security.

Please continue to pray that the hearts of world leaders would be softened, and that they would finally be moved to act to end this scourge.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Africa and elsewhere, as well as the imminent disappearance of Christianity from some of its ancient strongholds, see here.

“Covid-19’s worst victims will be the persecuted Christians of Africa,” by Jim Shannon, Telegraph, April 12, 2020:

Over my ten years as an MP, the Covid-19 crisis is surely one of the most difficult and surreal I have experienced. Constituents have told me of their physical suffering, of job losses, and the pain of not being able to visit their loved ones.

For Christians the world over, this time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead carries with it great joy. Yet the public celebration of this joy will be somewhat muted here in the UK this Easter.

But for many Christians living under some of the harshest political regimes, this is nothing new. Millions of Christians face not being able to celebrate Easter openly each year, under pain of discrimination, abuse or even death. That we now share some of their suffering is perhaps a wake-up call to each of us living in the more shielded West…..