Christians being ‘harassed’ in over 100 countries, major report confirms

July 31, 2019

We see that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world in the news items we post daily here at What we do not see is any sustained or concerted effort by government authorities or international human rights organizations to stop this persecution. There is no country in the world today that we can point to and say that while Christians were once persecuted there, now they live in safety and security. The international indifference to the persecution of Christians is a scandal of monstrous proportions. Please continue to pray that the hearts of world leaders would be softened, and that they would finally be moved to act to end this scourge.

“Christians being ‘harassed’ in over 100 countries, major report confirms,” The Christian Institute, July 31, 2019:

A new report into religious restrictions around the world confirms that Christians are being harassed in dozens of countries worldwide.

US think-tank Pew Research Center corroborated similar reports on persecution, finding that Christians face challenges and threats for their beliefs in 143 nations. The suffering covered by “harassment” ranged from verbal abuse to physical violence and killings.

Release International, which specifically supports persecuted Christians, welcomed the report but added that the current situation is even worse in China and North Korea than indicated by the report….

Considering examples from the previous ten years, it highlighted that in Uganda “Christians were beaten and three were killed for religious reasons in Muslim-majority areas in 2015”.

“The same year, three children were kidnapped because of their father’s conversion from Islam to Christianity. And in 2016, several incidents of violence against converts were reported, including a woman whose husband strangled her to death for leaving Islam.”

Release, which supports Christians around the world, said the breadth of the US report meant it was now “behind the times”.

“From our own findings, we would say that insufficient emphasis is placed on the growing restrictions in China and the severe persecution of Christians in North Korea.”…