“A threat to the way we live together”: New ruler of Chad appoints Muslim sultan to govern Christian area

July 26, 2018

The persecution of Christians is not always a matter of violence. In some instances it takes the form of peaceful attempts to hinder the practice of the Christian Faith. In this case, Chadian MP Nobo Ndjibo says that the appointment of Ahmat Mahamat Bachir as sultan for the Christian region of the country “is a threat to the way we live together,” and asks, “Can the sultan really be the protector of our habits and customs?” The infringement of Christian practice is often a precursor to violent persecution. Please pray for safety and security of the Orthodox Christians of Chad, who are under the jurisdiction of the Holy Archdiocese of Cameroon, and for all the Christians in that nation.

“CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: Fury as SULTAN appointed to Christian neighbourhood,” by Alice Scarsi, Express, July 24, 2018:

CHAD’S authorities have appointed a sultan in the southern region of the country, historically home to Christians and Animists, sparking outrage amid fears the new ruler could pose a “threat” to the way they live.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Ahmat Mahamat Bachir, installed Mahamat Moussa Bezo as sultan of the regional capital of Sarh in June.

This move increase fears the new ruler, who will have more authorities than the current Supreme Chief in the area, will further marginalise Christians and Animists in a country where the majority of people are Muslims….

Christians, who represents around the 35 percent of the country’s population, accused Chadian authorities of taking everyone by surprise, announcing out of the blue the instalment of Sultan Bezo on a Sunday morning….

A local church leader, who also asked to remain anonymous, said: “They did it on a Sunday, knowing full-well that Christians would be in church and so miss this development.

“And even among those present no one was aware that the minister had such an agenda.”

The MP for Sarh, Nobo Ndjibo blasted the appointment as a potential “threat” to Christians.

He said: “In a region with a large Christian and Animist population, we can’t have a chieftaincy using the terminology of a sultanate.

“It is a threat to the way we live together.

“Can the sultan really be the protector of our habits and customs? We don’t want the implementation to become a threat for peace.”

The title of sultan is usually given to Muslim leaders and it carries religious significance….