Pakistan: Escalating Religious Tensions: Christians Again Face Violence in Jaranwala

October 7, 2023

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“Escalating Religious Tensions: Christians Face Violence in Jaranwala, Pakistan,” by Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry, Pakistan Christian Post, October 6, 2023:

In a disturbing incident in Asad Town, Jaranwala, Pakistan, a group of hostile individuals targeted two Christians, subjecting them to violent assault.

The aggressors, using derogatory language, insulted a young Christian en route to collect a food parcel from a local church in the village, referring to him as “Choora.”

The assailants proceeded to physically attack Christian men and women before hastily fleeing the scene. Subsequently, the police arrested two Christians under the pretext of identifying the culprits, relocating them to an undisclosed location.

This has left the Christian family deeply concerned about the well-being and safety of those detained, particularly due to the questionable legality of their arrest.

Around 7:45 pm on 26th September 2023, Wishal Masih (14 years old) was en route to a local church in the area to receive a food parcel at a local church. On his way, a group of Muslim boys verbally abused him, stating, “Choora’s are very happy. They are receiving a lot of food aid nowadays. (click here)” They were hoping to goad Wishal over the losses Christians suffered in a racially motivated mob attack in their town (click here). In response, Wishal Masih questioned why they had referred to him as Choora, a derogatory term used for Christians in Pakistan.

The Muslim individuals, namely Muhammad Husnain, Bashir, Ashfaq, Muhammad Ramzan, and others, proceeded to physically assault him. Following the attack, Wishal informed his cousin, Amir Masih (26 yrs), and Nasir Masih (35 yrs) about the hate speech directed at Christians and the violence he had endured from the aggressive group of Muslims. Subsequently, Amir and Nasir rushed to the scene to inquire about the circumstances that led to the beating of Wishal. Unfortunately, instead of resolving the issue, the situation escalated as the gang brutally assaulted them with sticks, clubs, and bricks. The attack left Amir unconscious, with injuries to his head and arms, while Nasir also suffered injuries….