Pakistan: Christian Claims Christians Were Denied Food Aid Again in Facebook Video

April 14, 2020

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan: We reported on March 31 of an instance of this in Karachi, and on April 6 of another such incident in Lahore. Now this report says this is the fourth such incident. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Christians, Hindus, and other religious minorities are routinely subjected to multiple forms of discrimination and harassment. To continue this discrimination during the coronavirus pandemic is particularly cruel.

Please pray that the Christian community in Pakistan will be able to endure this martyrdom and experience a resurrection, and that relief will come to this courageous and long-suffering Christian community.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, see here.

“Pakistani Christian Claims Christians Were Denied Food Aid Again in Facebook Video,” International Christian Concern, April 9, 2020:

04/09/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has been made aware of another incident in which Pakistani Christians were denied food aid amid the COVID-19 crisis. This marks the fourth incident ICC has documented since Pakistan was place on lockdown by authorities seeking to combat the pandemic.

According to a video post on Facebook, Christians were denied food aid on April 2 in a village situated on the Raiwind road, near Lahore. A local pastor, who wished to remained unnamed, confirmed the incident when contacted by ICC.

In the Facebook video, a young Christian man claims that a local mosque committee distributed foodstuffs on April 2 to deserving families. However, the management asked the village’s Christians to leave the mosque compound because the food aid was meant for only Muslims.

“If this is the situation, then what are the arrangements for Christians?” the Christian asked in the Facebook video. “Who is going to feed them? Are we not citizens of the same country?”

“Denying food aid and discriminating among citizens is a crime,” Aftab Hayat, a Pakistani NGO leader, told ICC. “Christians often face discrimination and are victims of religious hatred. However, the situation for Christians in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis is alarming and becoming worse. Therefore, the authorities must take note of the developing situation.”…