USCIRF: North Korea tortures and executes Christians

August 19, 2021

North Korea is arguably the most dangerous place on earth for Christians. The U.S. State Department has placed North Korea on its list of countries that violate religious freedom every year since 2001.

There is or was at least one Orthodox parish in North Korea, the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Pyongyang, but its present status is unclear. Please continue to beseech Almighty God for peace and security for the Orthodox Christians and all Christians of North Korea.

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“North Korea tortures and executes Christians, USCIRF says,” by Tal Spungin, Jerusalem Post, August 18, 2021:

A new report documenting North Korean violations of religious freedoms was released on Wednesday by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan federal government commission created to monitor violations of religious freedoms around the world.

“At its most essential level, North Koreans experience the denial of the right to religious freedom from birth,” the report stated.

USCIRF stated they documented instances of torture by North Korean investigation officers against civilians suspected of religious adherence….

Several accounts of executions of North Koreans practicing Christianity were also documented in the report.

In April 2011, Kwon Eun Som and her grandchild were executed by firing squad, with only a few security and law enforcement officials present, which reflects the level of secrecy the North Korean government takes to deal with these incidents.

Six people convicted of practicing Christianity were executed in secret by firing squad in 2015. Up to 40 others were sentenced to a political prison camp for life….

USCIRF concluded that their report “demonstrates the denial of fundamental religious freedom rights perpetrated against religious adherents by the North Korean government.”