Nigeria: Girl in Boko Haram Captivity Who Refused to Renounce Christ Gives Birth to Second Child

March 26, 2021

Christian persecution in Nigeria: When she was just sixteen years old, Leah Sharibu was abducted by the terrorist group Boko Haram along with over 100 other schoolgirls three years ago. All the others were released, but she was held because she refused to renounce Christ and convert to Islam. Leah Sharibu has already demonstrated the unconquerable faith and indomitable courage of the holy martyrs. Please pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will abundantly bless her witness by turning the hearts of her captors, so that they will be moved to embrace the faith for which she has suffered so much.

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“Leah Sharibu Gives Birth To Second Baby In Boko Haram Captivity,” GWG, March 23, 2021:

The Dapchi Christian Schoolgirl, Leah Sharibu, has delivered a second baby in Boko Haram captivity, according to a United States-based group, US-Nigeria Law Group.

The group lamented the condition Ms Sharibu has found herself as it argued that the government has abandoned the Dapchi “heroine Christian” schoolgirl.

Leah, who has now spent 3 years in captivity (just for being a Christian) was forced to denounce her faith and accept Islam before being married off to a top Boko Haram commander.

She was abducted from her school in Dapchi, Yobe State in early 2018 alongside 109 other female students at the age between 11 and 19 years.

Emmanuel Ogebe, convener of the US-Nigeria Law Group, lamented in a statement that “despite an offer by an American pastor last month to surrender himself in exchange for Leah’s freedom, there has been no tangible response from her captors.

“That notwithstanding, intelligence received on the status of Leah indicates that she has delivered a second child in captivity….