Nigeria: Another Priest Abducted, 15 Communities Attacked

April 6, 2022 reported on March 29 about the abduction of another priest, and on March 16 about the kidnapping of still another. The Nigerian government officials who should be protecting the Christians appear to be powerless to do so, or uninterested in doing so.

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“Priest Abducted, 15 Communities Attacked in Nigeria,” International Christian Concern, April 1, 2022:

04/1/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – From March 26-28, a band of over 300 unknown gunmen riding on motorcycles raided about 15 communities across several local government areas of Niger State, located in central Nigeria.

The gunmen assembled on Saturday afternoon, March 26, in the locality of Shiroro and later moved to the locality of Munya, where they began their attack on the Chibani people and abducted 30 people, including women and children.

According to sources close to the Chibani community, those abducted were rounded up in their various homes at about 8:00 pm on Saturday. A man was shot when he tried to escape.

The gunmen divided themselves into five groups on Sunday morning and moved through various communities, wreaking havoc.

The mob also abducted a Catholic priest and three others along the Minna-Sarkin Pawa highway. The priest was returning to the state capital of Minna after evangelizing to some surrounding communities when he encountered about 50 of the armed men and was abducted, along with his companions.

An eighty-year-old man was set ablaze in his room by the gunmen when they burned the Zagzaga community in which he lived. Many others in his community were forced to flee to the bush.

The men passed through the Zagzaga community after looting houses and stores for food before proceeding to the Sohon, Kabula, and Mangoro communities, which they used as transit communities to launch attacks on other surrounding areas.

In the Beni community, the entire village was deserted as people were forced to escape into the forest and neighboring towns for safety while the gunmen looted their homes.

In total, 15 communities were raided by the rogue band of militants, and over 30 people are known to have been abducted….