Nepal: Church building demolished by government while adjacent Hindu temple left intact

February 8, 2021

Persecution of Christians in Nepal: the demolition of this church shows again that Nepalese authorities, like those in neighboring India and China, appear to be deeply threatened by the rapid growth of Christianity in that country. In the mid-twentieth century, there were no Christians at all in Nepal. Now their official number is approaching 400,000, and some Christian leaders in Nepal believe the actual number of Christians in the country is 2.3 million. Please pray that the light of Holy Orthodoxy would dawn in Nepal, and that the hearts of Nepalese authorities would be opened so that they would end their persecution of Nepal’s rapidly growing Christian community.

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“Church building in Nepal demolished by government while adjacent Hindu temple left intact,” Barnabas Fund, February 4, 2021

A church building in Nepalgunj, Nepal, has been demolished by the government after it took mandatory possession of the church’s land and the surrounding area, including a Hindu temple, in order to build a school.

The congregation requested that their church building would not be destroyed, but last week the building was demolished on government orders by a bulldozer accompanied by police. The Hindu temple has been left intact.

In 2015, the government took control of the land in Banke District, forcing around 85 poor families to move elsewhere, before constructing a school building beside the church and the adjacent Hindu temple.

The church’s congregation of around 20 families is currently holding services in the open air and the pastor requests prayer that they will be able to construct a new building….