Myanmar: Church and Homes Destroyed in Military Junta Attack

July 3, 2022

The junta is ostensibly hunting for anti-regime activity, but has not infrequently targeted churches. This is likely because in Myanmar as in other countries in the region, Christianity is seen as a foreign faith.

Christians make up about 8.2 percent of the population of Myanmar. Most of these Christians are Protestants, with Roman Catholics comprising most of the rest.

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“Church and Homes Destroyed in Military Junta Attack,” International Christian Concern, June 28, 2022:

06/28/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – Ever since the military deposed Myanmar’s democratically elected government in the February 2021 coup, the country has been in a state of civil war. The military has committed many acts of violence against civilians who resist its rule, in addition to unprovoked attacks against innocent citizens….

On June 23, military junta soldiers burned Thantlang Baptist Church (TBC), located in the town of Thantlang in Myanmar’s majority-Christian Chin state. TBC is the oldest and largest church in the town.

TBC was razed in the 30th attack the military has made on the village since October 2021. The military has burned eleven more churches and over 1,000 homes in Thantlang alone throughout its many attacks on the village.

In the same attack that left Thantlang Baptist Church a burned-out husk, the military also destroyed another church called The Believer’s Church. Soldiers also destroyed the entire compound of Basic Education High School, a local school that was comprised of several buildings.