Mozambique: Insurgents hunt Christians door-to-door

June 28, 2021

All over Africa, Christians are increasingly threatened as Islamist groups become ever more aggressive and violent. Mozambique is a relatively new arena for their operations.

Christians, mostly Roman Catholics, constitute 59% of Mozambique’s population; Muslims comprise 19%. However, the Islamic State (ISIS) has begun to step up operations in the country’s gas-rich northeast, where the Muslim population is largely concentrated.

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“Mozambique Insurgents hunt Christians door-to-door,” by Kevin Zeller, Mission Network News, June 28, 2021:

…Since 2017, fighting in Mozambique has displaced around 800,000 people.

Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs USA says insurgents have often targeted Christians. “They say their goal is to set up a caliphate similar to ISIS in Iraq and Syria. And they are in some cases, literally going door to door. They ask, ‘Are you a Christian? Or are you a Muslim?’ If you’re a Christian, you’re killed. If you’re a Muslim, then you get the opportunity to quote some Quranic verses. And if you can quote them sufficiently, you save your life. Otherwise, you also get killed.”