Laos: Christian Families Evicted from Their Village

February 14, 2023

The constitution of Laos ostensibly protects the freedom of religion. Nonetheless, Christians in Laos remain subject to harassment by people hostile to the faith, as well as local officials.

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“Christian Families Evicted from Their Village,” International Christian Concern, February 13, 2023:

2/13/2023 Laos (International Christian Concern) – Residents of a majority-Buddhist village in Laos drove out more than a dozen Christian families following their conversion to Christianity. Their pastor was also forced out of the village. The incident occurred in Mai village in the Luang Namtha province of Laos.

Despite supposed efforts by government authorities to solve the issue of converts to Christianity being kicked out of their homes by their communities, the issue remains prevalent. As a result, evicted villagers face homelessness and joblessness.

Pertaining to this specific instance in Mai village, government authorities have refused to speak to the press. However, a spokesperson called the situation a “sensitive issue” and stated that authorities are “still working on the case.”

Even though it is a majority-Buddhist nation, Laos technically has a national law that protects the freedom of religion for its citizens. However, in actuality, Christians are treated as second-class citizens and face various forms of discrimination and oppression. In addition to facing rejection from their communities, there have also been allegations that Christians are excluded from government humanitarian aid distributions….