India: Christian wedding party attacked by mob “with rods and sticks”

August 13, 2019

As Hindu mobs continue to target them, the Christians of India today are being called upon to have the courage and perseverance of the Holy Martyrs. They are in urgent need of protection from government and law enforcement authorities who, all too often, side with their persecutors. In India, as in so many other nations, the persecution of Christians continues to become more commonplace and aggressive by the day, while authorities do nothing to stop it, or — as we see in this story — actively abet it.

“Christianity crackdown: Wedding party attacked by mob ‘with rods and sticks,'” by Luke Chillingsworth, Express, August 13, 2019:

CHRISTIANS attending a wedding ceremony in India were brutally attacked by hundreds of Hindu-nationalists.

In a shocking turn of events, police then accused the Christians of “forcibly-converting” people and disturbing the community. Officers made a series of arrests, seizing women, a three-year-old child and the church pastor. The Hindu mob threatened to attack and kill everyone enjoying the ceremony.

Speaking to Morning Star News, Pastor Pankaj recalled how hundreds of people walked into the room brandishing horrific weapons.

He said: “I had just started to speak when a mob barged into the ceremony and began to spitefully speak to us.

“They were about 250 people and every single one was carrying a rod or a wooden stick. It was evident that they were there to attack us.”

But it was later revealed they were forced to confess to trying to forcibly convert people to Christianity, despite being innocent.

The pastor added: “One of the policeman asked the attackers to allow the police to take us to the police station, where [the officer said] we would be beaten up and straightened.”

There was another unbelievable twist after Attorney Harjinder Singh visited the Hindu mob leader to encourage him to drop the charges.

The attorney was punched in the face by the doctor, with the legal representative, not the attacker, later charged with house trespassing and intentional insults….