India: 66 Christians Kicked Out of Their Village

March 24, 2023

Today the Malankara Orthodox Church of the East remains in India, an apostolic Church that broke with Holy Orthodoxy over the Council of Chalcedon in 451. There is also a small number of Orthodox Christians under the jurisdiction of the the Holy Metropolis of Singapore.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in India, see here.

“66 Indian Christians Kicked Out of Their Village,” International Christian Concern, March 22, 2023:

03/22/2023 Last December, 13 Christian families were violently driven out of their village in India due to their faith. Despite immense pressure from fellow villagers and the village chief to deny their newfound faith, the Christians remained steadfast.

One of the villagers said that “even if [he has] to die, [he] will be ready, but not deny [his] faith in Christ.” Sadly, the threats that he and his fellow Christian villagers are facing are very real….