Greece: Migrants film themselves desecrating Greek Orthodox Church

April 18, 2021

Greece is an Orthodox Christian nation. Its welcoming of migrants is an act of generosity that stems from Christian principles. The Order hopes these vandals will be apprehended and prosecuted, and that authorities will take all proper measures to protect the holy places of the land.

“Migrants film themselves desecrating Greek Orthodox Church (VIDEO),” Greek City Times, April 18, 2021:

A shocking video is gathering attention on social media as it shows illegal immigrants filming themselves entering and desecrating a Greek Orthodox church.

While it is difficult to gather more information on the location, it is a painful video to watch.

Two migrants enter a small Greek Orthodox church, dancing and playing loud music.

Then in the video you can see the aftermath of the damaged Church.

The video was then later uploaded on TikTok by the migrants themselves and quickly gathered attention and sparked outrage on Twitter….