New Report Details Historic and Modern Persecution of Christians in Egypt

November 16, 2023

Our brothers and sisters of the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church in Egypt are persecuted on a nearly daily basis for their faith.

Not only the Copts, but also our 300,000 Greek Orthodox brothers and sisters in Egypt suffer sporadic persecution, discrimination, and harassment, and as we see so often, frequently Egyptian officials do little or nothing to alleviate their plight.

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“ICC Release Report on Historic and Modern Persecution of Christians in Egypt,” International Christian Concern, November 14, 2023:

11/14/2023 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – ICC has released a report detailing the influence and presence of Christianity in Egypt for thousands of years, namely Coptic Christianity, and the nature of persecution this historic community has faced.  

Being nearly twenty centuries old, Coptic Christianity has endured an almost unbroken sufferance from persecution since its inception – and we continue to witness this persecution in the present day. Reports of persecution since the first century have reached “near genocide levels” and render Copts the most persecuted ethno-religious sect in world history. 

The report highlights accounts of persecution in Egypt, from the time of Roman rule to the Islamic conquest of Egypt and even under the present leadership of President Sisi today. Copts have been defaced by injustice and supremely inhumane acts, which are central to both the biblical and present-day accounts of Christian persecution – and so in these persecuted faces, we see the faces of Paul and the other martyrs delivered by Christian history….