China stresses more Marxism, tightening control of religion

December 12, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party is working actively and on numerous fronts to destroy Christianity and replace it in the hearts, minds, and souls of the people of China.

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“China stresses more Marxism, tightening control of religion,” UCA News, December 10, 2021:

The Chinese Communist Party’s national conference on religious affairs headed by President Xi Jinping stressed the strict implementation of Marxist policies, increased online surveillance and tightening control of religion to ensure national security.

During the conference in Beijing on Dec. 3-4, Xi emphasized the importance of “upholding the principle of developing religions in the Chinese context and providing active guidance for the adaptation of religions to socialist society,” according to a statement from the CCP.

Xi said China would further promote the Sinicization of religion, with a focus on strengthening control of online religious affairs, and insisted that all religious activities must be conducted within the boundary of the law, reports Xinhua news agency.

“It is necessary to cultivate a team of party and government cadres who are proficient in Marxist religious views, familiar with religious work, and good at working with religious believers, and let them study Marxist religious views, the CCP’s religious work theories and policies, and religious knowledge,” he said.

Xi also urged “full and faithful” implementation of the CCP’s theory on religious affairs in the new era, the basic policy on religious affairs, and the policy on the freedom of religious belief, based on Marxism.

“All religious groups are required to strengthen their self-management and emphasize the need to improve the rule of law in religious affairs governance,” he said.

Bitter Winter reported that Xi lamented that monitoring the internet to prevent religious propaganda and inappropriate remarks on social media is still not functioning properly.

He called for more surveillance and for punishing believers who use social networks for religious proselytization or criticism of the government’s religious policy.

The conference was attended by all senior CCP leaders, who agreed with Xi’s view that although there has been progress in implementing policies on religious affairs, problems still exist.

The CCP leadership resolved that the five state-sanctioned religious bodies should develop a “religious theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics” so that religions can learn to conduct their activities in their places of worship and accept that they should not “interfere with social life” and the education of the younger generations….