China: Heavy jail penalties sought against Christians who bought ‘legal’ Bibles but distributed them ‘illegally’

May 24, 2023

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“Hohhot Bible Trial: Defendants Charged with ‘Collusion with Foreign Forces,’” by Fang Yongrui, Bitter Winter, May 16, 2023:

Heavy jail penalties are sought against Christians who purchased “legal” Bibles from the Three-Self Church but distributed them “illegally” as part of house church activities.

In the last month of March, Bitter Winter reported about the case of Wang Honglan and other twelve Inner Mongolia Christian believers, who were arrested for selling “illegally,” meaning as part of the activities of a house church not controlled by the CCP, Bibles that had been regularly printed by a government-authorized publisher….

The main “crime” the defendants are accused of is to buy in bulk Bibles from the Nanjing government-controlled Three-Self Church and resell them at a discounted price to local Christians in need.

They are now also accused of “collusion with foreign forces” as they accepted donations from a private overseas Christian called Peter Chang to support their distribution of Bibles. The prosecutor is seeking a jail penalty of 15 years for Wang….