China: Christian Teachers Indoctrinated at Beijing’s Central Institute of Socialism

June 19, 2023

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“Bible College Teachers Indoctrinated at Beijing’s Central Institute of Socialism,” by Zhang Chunhua, Bitter Winter, June 13, 2023:

Christian professors from all over the country were summoned to the capital to attend a mandatory course on Marxism and Xi Jinping thought….

On June 2, a “Training Course for Key Teachers of Christian Theological Schools” was completed at the Central Institute of Socialism. Christian professors had been summoned from all over the country to learn about the core Marxist principles, the 20th National Congress of CCP, and Xi Jinping’s thought on a “new era of Socialism.”

Pastor Lin Manhong, Deputy Director-General of the China Christian Council and Director of the Theological Education Department, presided at the closing ceremony and explained that the course helped teachers to acquire the needed “advanced Socialist culture.” He also reported on the fact that Christian seminaries affiliated with the Three-Self Church are instituting “ideological and political teaching and research groups” with experienced professors as leaders.

Lin also said that “Sinicization of Christianity” implies that teachers and students in Bible colleges should improve their “political awareness” and diligently study the documents of the CCP, particularly those of the 20th National Congress.