Afghanistan: Taliban Behead Christian

October 10, 2022

Afghanistan under the Taliban does not acknowledge that any citizen of the country is Christian at all. Most of the Christians in Afghanistan therefore keep their faith secret. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is illegal.

For previous coverage of the persecution of Christians in Afghanistan, see here.

“Taliban Behead Afghan Christian,” International Christian Concern, October 9, 2022:

…We just received a video from Afghanistan that showed the brutal beheading of a Christian man by the Taliban. Words cannot express how sickening and evil this was.

We expect this type of persecution to continue as the Taliban show their true despicable colors. Afghanistan earned the dishonor of the worst persecuting country in our comprehensive 2022 Persecutor of the Year report.

Please keep our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East in prayer. That they would courageously share their faith. Pray also for their oppressors – radical Muslims – that they would trust in Jesus…